It’s you boy, it’s you

In the past 100 years,
The fall of mental health,
Has left many in tears,
While we help the world pursue fame and wealth.

Your breath breathes air completely filled,
With toxins, smog, and heavy metal.
Noise destroys your solitude,
But to the cities you still settle.

Did you avoid all anxious thoughts today?
Did you never struggle with what to do?
Did you feel healthy and at peace today?
If not, it’s you boy, it’s you.

Our science gives you answers you need.
Perhaps a pill will help your soul.
You just need a new life creed.
Forget that we’re still burning coal.

If you weren’t so ill, you’d probably see
That you could connect with humanity,
By the thousands if you were online,
Maybe then you’d say ‘I feel fine’.

Human touch and conversation
Belongs on a 19th century plantation.
Embrace the new ideology
And digital utopian society.

Did you experience someone caring today?
Did you feel loved and not a bit blue?
Did you feel healthy and at peace today?
If not, it’s you boy, it’s you.

Some pundits say we’re at an all-time high,
For suicides, shootings, and division.
Stop blaming others and spouting lies.
Go binge watch endless television.

You’re connected, you belong!
You’re part of all of us, my son.
Five hours a day is all we ask,
To inject you with info is no easy task.

Please believe the water’s okay.
Detroit, be damned! Life’s about play,
Entertainment at your beck and call.
Broadband, gaming, movies and all!

Open offices and sitting all day
Is relaxing, no? Oh we forgot; you have no say.
We had shrinks scan you and your colleagues,
So, we’re sure no one will shoot up this place in fatigues.

If life gets too rough, just do what they do.
Smoke, drink, and don’t worry what’s true.
Life is short, so what if it’s shorter for you?
If you don’t like this life, the best thing is to sue!

Did you feel that your spreadsheet really helped today?
Did you know that your work was no thankless slog?
Did you love your commute and miserly pay?
If not, it’s you boy, it’s you, you cog.

We’ve tried to help you this century
To open your simplistic eyes and see
How great we have built our society
With less bended knees and more money.

You say you’re not well, your brain won’t adapt.
That you wish for a quieter, simpler time.
That your circuits are full, possibly capped,
You long for nature, connection, and flextime.

We found you a place that you’ll like, my son.
Where you won’t cause problems to us anymore.
It’s quiet, away from the bustle, come along,
Ignore behind you us locking the door.

You’ll finally be away from the noise and the fray.
Although polluted air will still fill your day.
And the water and TV will still have their say
As you take our meds and float blissfully away.

Stop blaming sugar; it’s in every bite.
Other people don’t cry out and get sad at night.
They drink their caffeine each morning to cope.
Why don’t you join them? Don’t be a dope.

Did you wake up to children laughing today?
Did you walk in the sunshine and hear birds coo?
Did you eat healthy food in clean country air today?
You did, boy, you did? Good for you!

We don’t often see one slip away,
We’ll likely get you some other way.
We have cell towers going up on every highway.
Where will you go? 5G is here to stay.

But we’ve tried long enough, and we’ve had our say.
I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to hear what you pray
For our world, for your life, for others each day.
So, go on then now, what would youconvey?

“Are you content with less, not more, in every way?
Are you walking and being healthy today?
Are you hugging and loving every day?
Are you living life slowly, with intentional sway?”

“Are you giving and fully seeing others today?
Are you true to yourself, avoiding foul play?
Are you resting and connecting on the Lord’s Day?
Are you living authentically outside the fray?”

“Are you remembering to enjoy life, not to obey?
Are you part of a heart-felt revolution that’s true?
Are you rejecting the system that’s blaming you?
Are you kindly detoxing yourself from that zoo?
If not, it’s you boy, it’s you.”