Finish. Then iterate.

Halfway through a project – of any kind – it’s tempting to start iterating. To make it better. To improve on minor annoyances. To make it faster.

This doesn’t just go for projects. Could be a family trip. Could be a new hobby. Could be a whole relationship.

Better to just finish it completely. Then let some time go by. Then begin Iteration #1. Finish that one. Let more time go by. Then Iteration #2. And so on.

Two possible outcomes:

  1. Maybe you’ll be happy with the first finished project and realize it was “good enough”.
  2. At least you’ll have something complete. If you keep iterating mid-stream, you might be left with a life of half-complete projects. Or hobbies. Or relationships. 

Stay the course. Finish well. Iteration should be a reward, not an ongoing distraction.