Postcards from the Edge

Photo by Pascal Brokmeier on Unsplash

I am away from those I love and care about. I find myself wanting to photograph things, share them, and update them on my thoughts.

I don’t know how healthy that is. Maybe it’s normal. It is certainly the “new normal” in our culture.

But if I’m connecting with them, how can I connect with me? How much time does it take to go deep inside?

How am able to connect with God, too? If I have been barely giving Him the time of day previously, then shouldn’t I try to keep my mind clear during this time?

A retreat goes within, and yet, it’s also about new experiences. Walking on a new road generates different thoughts. Seeing a new horizon. Hearing a new bird sound (as I did this morning) that I have never heard before.

That opens the heart and mind, too.

Plus, it’s not like I’m hibernating in absolute solitude. I have work. Some other friends reach out. I have hosts. It’s mostly taking extra time to pray, seek, hear, meditate, and break up the unplowed ground.

I try to imagine this all happened 40 years ago when most of my communication each day would be by postcard. You can fit about five sentences on a postcard.

What would I share each day if I was limited to five sentences? That helps me focus. I never saw the movie Postcards from the Edge, but for now, I’m imagining that I’m a bit on the edge of my “normal” life and I should take care as to what I share, and what I seek to be shared with me.

To leave space for us both to connect with ourselves and with God, but not completely unconnected with a shared life experience we have treasured.