Entering into Directed Rest

Directed Rest

Great chapter today in Switch on Your Brain. Chapter 5 is “Entering into Directed Rest” and starts off with this Linked Science Concept:

When we direct our rest by introspection, self-reflection, and prayer; when we catch our thoughts; when we memorize and quote Scripture; and when we develop our mind intellectually, we enhance the default mode network (DMN) that improves brain function and mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Switch on Your Brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf

A weakness of mine is catching my thoughts. And I’ve complete ignored memorizing and quoting Scripture.

I sometimes develop my mind intellectually, but not enough these days.

All of the above give great peace and rest to me, but this chapter delves into the why and how of it all.

It goes into detail as to what happens when we don’t allow our brains to “switch off”, to quiet themselves, as they need to do for balance. So much goes on in our directed rest, but if we don’t “slow down and enter this rest state, we disrupt natural function in the brain” to the point that we can experience “negative self-esteem, depression, worry, anxiety, health issues, and over-focus on generalized and short-term memory issues. We may get stuck, unable to cope, and have a tendency to focus on the problem and not the solution.”

What’s great is that I can change. I can change how I think. I’m looking forward to learning more techniques and to removing toxic thinking from my days.