This is my little corner of the internet. If it helps you, in any way, then it’s worth it.

I eschew social media, having once been a customer of it. Or, dare I say, a victim of it.

However, it’s the nature of social creatures to share. Having been in countless conversations where I have promised to followup with a link or an email, and yet failed, I embarked upon this method to share more easily.

Now, if I can not recall a book I once read, or time is short and I can not relay fully the point (and yet my companion seems interested), I will tell them the URL of this site and they can visit it later as their curiosity or persistence allows.

I also enjoy writing, and although others have both admired my writing and beaten me without mercy for it, I post it here with the hopes some devout readers will find, at the least, points of interest in it, and at best, inspiration to share their own writing.

Beyond my enjoyment of it, writing is a proven pathway to better mental health. I can attest to this from my own experience, but it’s a part of four categories of creative arts that boost public health. Read the introduction of this study for inspiration, and a bit of proof further into it: (Stuckey, Heather L, and Jeremy Nobel. “The connection between art, healing, and public health: a review of current literature.” American journal of public health vol. 100,2 (2010): 254-63. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2008.156497)

I also have a lot of children. How many? Likely more than you. Since my time is split between them, and rarely as evenly as I desire, this provides them a way to get to know their father, even the crazy parts, as they journey through their lives. Unlike emails I send to them, which only capture that moment in time, and for which they might not be ready to receive, this blog can be read at different times in their life, hopefully providing them reflection into who I am (or who I was, should they read it when I’m with the Lord).

Technical Considerations (colophon)

This is my personal notes blog, a very old-school blog. It runs on WordPress because it’s simple and I can blog from anywhere with ease.

There is no rhyme or reason for much of it. No overall theme. Just another blogger on the internet.

Comments are disabled. However, you have the same internet as I do, so start your own (even free) blog and write there. Try it. You might like it. Here are a ton of reasons to start your own blog.

More about me…

Because it’s all about me, right? No, not really. But you are here. And you weren’t looking to read about Batman.

Some books I’m reading, some podcasts I listen to, some music I like, and how walking is important to me.